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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tech Enabled Concierge Medicine Attracting Big Bucks

One Medical Raises $65 Million to Expand “Concierge” Doctor Network


(from Xconomy)

Does your health plan make you feel like a second class citizen, languishing in a doctor’s crowded waiting room? Technology startups are trying to cure such doldrums—not by competing with medical insurance companies, but by offering add-on services they claim will make health care more effective or convenient.

One of the startups making that pitch, San Francisco-based One Medical Group, announced today it raised $65 million to expand its national network of primary care doctors and to further develop the digital technologies that enhance their services. Individual patients who each pay a $149 annual membership fee to One Medical can make same-day appointments online, see a physician in the evening or on weekends, consult their doctors by phone or e-mail, and use a mobile device camera to send in photos of routine skin irritations.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

What A CEO Should Be Prepared To Answer When Considering Raising Capital Or Selling

5 Questions Investment Bankers Ask CEOs on the First Call

(from Axial)

To a CEO who has never sold a company or raised capital, the prospect of speaking with investment bankers and M&A advisors for the first time can feel daunting.

While it’s easy to push these conversations to the bottom of (or even off) the to-do list, preparing for the next stage of your business is just as essential as running your core business. Even if you’re not looking to transact in the near term, bankers and advisors can help you understand what to do now to guarantee more value in a transaction years down the road.
Here are five questions CEOs can expect on an introductory call with a banker or advisor: