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Monday, June 15, 2015

Corporate Venture Capital 101 For Life Sciences


Statement of Strategics in Life Sciences

(from Lake Whillans)

For healthcare startups seeking private investment, there are more sources than ever. But there is also more peril. Traditional routes, like venture capital and angel investors, are joined by corporate venture capital, a broader array of grant opportunities, venture philanthropy, crowdfunding and beyond.

Corporate venture capital has become particularly popular. But there isn't as much critical information about corporate investors and their strategies. Which is the most trustworthy? Which is the best to partner with? Which one would you never do a deal with again? We believe that the answers to these questions can be critical to the success of a growing business; the right partner can provide synergies and non cash resources to catapult the business to success, while the wrong partner might swipe critical IP that entangles a company in litigation.

That's why Lake Whillans partnered with MedCity News for independent research about corporates and their practices. MedCityNews.com reached out to its 400,000 monthly readers, and more than 450 healthcare innovators familiar with corporate firms shared their insights. Some of the details from that survey are below, and we also share our analysis of the findings. We hope this information empowers investors, entrepreneurs, and their allies to make better decisions to grow their businesses.

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